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About Tuscan Tan

Tuscan Tan Solution adapts to any skin type on application as it picks up and adopts the skins own individual darker tones, whilst blending with its lighter colour variations to produce the most remarkably authentic looking tan imaginable. Other tanning products can have different shades of solution, which can be difficult to match to the skin type and can lead to an unnatural looking tanning result.

Tuscan Tan Solution can achieve any depth of colour in just the one application as the tan will get darker as more layers are applied, so the depth of the tan, whether light, medium or dark is really easy to control

Tuscan Tan Solution is heavenly scented on application with a light blend of coconut, caramel and vanilla fragrance which adds to the tanning experience and evokes sensations of summer holidays, however once the tan has fully developed, the tan is completely odourless

Tuscan Tan Solution contains a gentle blend of Aloe Vera and Glycerine, to moisturise and protect the skin whilst helping it feel soft and smooth. The active ingredients BHA and Ethoxidiglycol act as stabilisers to help spread the tan evenly on the skin to ease application and produce even colour development and tone. These ingredients are often missing from other tanning products causing the skin to become dry which leads to a patchy result that will only last up to 3-5 days

 Tuscan Tan Solution contains water resistant instant cosmetic bronzers which are sustained on the skin throughout the duration of a DHA base. Other solutions utilise cosmetic bronzers that do not contain these water resistant characteristics, therefore those bronzers simply wash off in the first shower leaving a DHA based tan only. This is why Tuscan Tan produces a far more natural looking tan, which lasts up to 7-10 days before gradually and evenly fading

Tuscan Tan Solution utilises a lower percentage of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a derivative of sugar that works harmoniously with the proteins of the top layers of the skin to produce the base tan. Most other tanning solutions rely solely upon a higher percentage of DHA to produce a tanned effect, which is often the cause of the un-natural orange colour all too common amongst other tanning products